Earn Multi-Year Commissions by Referring
Your Customers and Prospects
to Our Free Energy Price Protection Plan

Become a Protocall Energy Solutions
Referral Program Partner.    

Keep doing what you do best with a simple new profit center to increase revenues with minimal effort and no Investment or additional employees.

Referral Partners are Engaged in Commercial Maintenance, Retrofitting and Construction

Referral Partners Locations
  • Lighting Retrofitters
  • Electricians
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Leasing Agents
  • Plumbing
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts    
  • Ohio
  • New York

You Make the Referral and
We Close the Deal

You ask permission to see the customer’s energy bill and refer it to Protocall for analysis. 

One of our local outside or inside B2B Energy Consultants will follow up immediately to explain the possible savings and close the customer.  

Referral Partners are Paid an Annual
Commission on Every Enrollment
of One to Four Years

Commissions are paid based upon a dollar amount times the number of megawatt hours consumed annually by the customer.

A commission on a building consuming 100,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per month could amount to as much as $2,400 in the first year of a four-year enrollment and $9,600 over the duration of the enrollment.

The Referral Partner continues to receive a commission in the remaining years of the enrollment with no further obligations after the referral is made and the deal is closed.

First year commissions are paid within 30 to 45 days. 

Join our Energy Partners Referral Program

Click here to calculate your commission for facilitating a typical commercial Energy Price Protection enrollment. (Refresh page and sign up by email or call 8774554815 to obtain a password.

Click here to fill out a simple form and apply to our Partners Referral Program 

An Energy Price Protection Plan is a
Free Service that Protects Favorable Utility Rates
and Moves the Savings to Net Earnings   

Our client, one of the largest competitive energy providers in the nation, offers the only fully Fixed Rate Plan with enrollments up to four years.

The customer keeps his current utility, billing methods and customer service; the only change is undetectable: the source of the energy. 

There are no hidden charges or fees. 

An Outside B2B Multi-State Sales Team
and Award Winning Inside Sales Channel

Will Contact and Close Every Referral

Protocall Energy Services is a preferred vendor for one of the nation’s largest competitive energy suppliers in the US.   With seven years of stellar sales and B2B Energy Sales Consultants across six states, we have the expertise to close every referral generated through our Referral Partnership Program. 

Our award winning call center in Laurel, Maryland, employs an experienced staff of full-time inside Energy Sales Consultants who make new sales, close referrals and initiate renewals.

When we say, “You make the referral and we close the deal,” we have the resources and expertise to back up that pledge.  

Protocall is the recipient of two dozen industry marketing awards.